Brittany McNeely


Brandon Hargraves

Brittany McNeely and Brandon Hargraves

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Our Story

It all started with sarcasm and a Huguley Assessment Center Christmas party...

Brittany and Brandon first met at the Huguley Assessment Center Christmas party that was hosted at Brittany's parents' house. As the group all picked up their plates to get lunch, Brittany and Brandon were left alone in the dining room. It was at this point Brittany notice that Brandon had picked up his entire place setting (charger and all) to fill with food, which led to Brittany's romantic first words of " you don't have to take the charger (insert heavy sarcasm here). " Miraculously, Brandon was not completely put off by this interaction and continued to talk to Brittany. After a facebook friend request, several weeks, and many facebook messages, they finally went on their first date(that Brittany didn't know was a date) ... at an Albertson's.. almost. Luckily, Brandon changed the location to another nearby Starbucks when he realized he had invited Brittany to a date in a grocery store. They had a great first date... and the rest is history (a really great history)!

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